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Leo pay attention to your health, Gemini will get good news : January 17 horoscope by Astro Sundeep Kochar


Find out what the stars have in store for you today. Be it, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces — each of the signs has something unique to tell.

Check out the astrological prediction by Dr Sundeep Kochar here.

A rush of excitement is coming your way today. If you think life has been too monotonous lately, that’s about to change right away. You’re going to be offered an opportunity that might be challenging for you, however, you’re going to enjoy doing it. It’s going to be a fun and adrenaline filled experience. Make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

Ideas that will bring extra income to you are going to be thrown at you today. Don’t rush in taking up anything you think might bring you more money. Jot down the pros and cons for each of these ideas and make sure you pick the one that is going to run the best in the long run. Don’t make hasty decisions today. Try consulting someone you trust to help you out.

There’s going to be some good news at work for you today. You’ll find yourself being promoted and offered better opportunities. However, these opportunities might not be in the direction you wanted. But take this in a positive way. The evening holds something romantic for you, so make sure to wear your best outfit.

Your anger and frustration levels might be slightly high today at both your workplace and home. The best thing to do right now is to sit and meditate. Focus on yourself. On the other hand, your loved one is going to light up your day with a little bit of surprise. Make sure to take care of your health today.

Your health matters a lot today. There’s a lot going on outside, and it’s best if you don’t step outside at all. Stay in your house. If you have any office work, then try to do it from home. Take the day off and focus on rejuvenating your body. Spend some time with your loved ones at home.

You might feel controlled by others at home today. Don’t let this get to you too much. You’re always heading things, and sometimes it’s good to give others a chance as well. Keep an open mind to ideas that will be thrown at you from family and friends. Appreciate their ideas, and give your opinions in a very humble way, making sure you don’t hurt anybody.

Someone who you haven’t heard from in a while is going to reach out to you. Remember that this person was there for you when you needed someone, and today they might need you. Put your dislike aside and try and be there for them. All they need is someone to listen to them for a while. On the other hand, it’s a great day to take up new opportunities at work. If something comes your way, don’t give it up.

The things that did not get done yesterday will get done today and you’ll be able to carry them out smoothly. It’s going to be a very accomplishing day for you in all aspects. You’ll also be surprised with all the success you receive.

You might feel that your friends are growing distant from you. Take this as an opportunity to mend relationships that have been shattered a while back. You need to remember the people who have been there for you during your tough times. This is all because you’ve been too focused on your work. So leave the corporate world for a while, and focus on those around you.

You’re going to be given a lot of respect today at home. Follow your instincts and trust yourself to be right. Whatever you might think of today is going to be the best decision for you and others around you. Don’t forget to follow your heart.

The first half of the day is going to be very busy for you at work. You’re going to come across a lot of unfinished work, but your leadership skills and quick work is going to help you through it all. Your second half is going to be very free, comparatively. You can use this time to spend some hours with a loved one, or even go out with a friend for coffee. You need the air!

Today is all about teamwork.  Both your personal and professional life, you’re going to be put through situations with other people. Don’t let this get in the way of your productivity. Being in a team means you’ll also get to show off your leadership and managerial skills – so take that to your advantage. At work, share your ideas with others, and at home, call a family meet and talk them through the decisions you’re thinking of making.


Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif extend warm wishes to Sidharth Malhotra’s on his birthday


New Delhi:  Sidharth Malhotra celebrated his 36th birthday on Saturday, many celebrities and fans shared their favourite moments with him on social media.

The actor thanked everyone for their wishes and thanked all his friends and celebrities by reposting their wishes in his Instagram story.

One of the first celebrities to wish the actor and post a picture with him was Rakul preet Singh. She wrote on the picture, “Have a happy, healthy, fit year.”

Rakul Preet Singh wishes Sidharth Malhotra

Akshay Kumar wished him with a collage of pictures from previous events, all having two of them in a similar pose. “Seems like we need to meet soon to strike a new pose, until then wishing you a power-packed year! Happy birthday Brother @sidmalhotra,” he wrote.

Akshay Kumar wishes Sidharth Malhotra

Katrina Kaif posted a portrait of Sidharth Malhotra and said “Happiest birthday @sidmalhotra. Wish u all the happiness u could ever wish for- stay as wonderful as u are.”

Katrina Kaif wishes Sidharth Malhotra

Actor Vicky Kaushal wrote on the picture, “Happy birthday buddy! Hope you have the best year ahead.”

Vicky Kaushal wishes Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth and Rakul are all set to reunite for the upcoming film ‘Thank God’. The film was announced recently and Ajay Devgn will also feature in the film. The movie is set to release on 21st January 2021.


Netflix heist series is all style, wit and warmth :‘Lupin’ review


A story about thrilling heists, fathers and sons, class and colonialization, the French series has left us gasping for more

There are different ways of mining the classics; Bridgerton does it one way and Lupin another. The latter is infinitely better. Inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin, the show follows the adventures of Assane Diop (Omar Sy), a master of disguise and all manner of civilised criminal behaviour, as he tries to clear his father’s name.

Assane and his father, Babakar (Fargass Assandé), move to Paris from Senegal looking for a better life. Babakar gets work as a chauffeur with the wealthy Pellegrini family. The head of the family, Hubert (Hervé Pierre), is autocratic and brusque, his wife, Anne (Nicole Garcia), is kinder and his daughter, Juliette (Clotilde Hesme), shows a teasing interest in the 14-year-old Assane (Mamadou Haidara).

When a fabulous necklace that once adorned the doomed queen, Marie Antoinette, and now belonging to the Pellegrini family goes missing, Babakar is suspected. Even without hard evidence, Babakar is put in prison where he hangs himself and Assane is orphaned.

Twenty-five years later, the queen’s necklace comes up for auction at the Louvre and who should be in on the proceedings but Assane? The necklace is stolen and the police are running in circles trying to find the thief who apparently spirited away the necklace under the highest security.


  • Creators: George Kay, François Uzan
  • Starring: Omar Sy, Vincent Londez, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Nicole Garcia, Hervé Pierre, Soufiane Guerrab, Antoine Gouy, Fargass Assandé, Shirine Boutella, Etan Simon
  • No. of episodes: 5
  • Duration: 42 to 52 minutes
  • Storyline: Inspired by the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin, a man tries to clear his father’s name

Though police captain Laugier (Vincent Londez) and Lieutenant Sofia (Shirine Boutella), follow conventional leads, their colleague, Guedira, (Soufiane Guerrab) makes the Lupin connection.

Through the five episodes of the show, we learn how Babakar hid a message to his son in a book of stories about Lupin. We also spend time with Assane’s growing up, how he was sent to a good school by a mysterious benefactor and Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) befriends him when all the other posh students try to put him down.

Claire and Assane continue their relationship and have a son, Raoul (Etan Simon). However, Assane’s erratic ways put too much strain on the relationship and the two lead separate lives. We also learn of Assane’s first meeting with Benjamin (Antoine Gouy) in school and how the two become the best of friends.

Assane believes Babakar was framed by Pellegrini and he is determined to prove his father’s innocence. In his quest he meets a journalist, Fabienne (Anne Benoît), who crossed swords with Pellegrini and came out severely damaged. Everyone is hiding something, including Anne, Juliette and the policeman in charge, Dumont, (Vincent Garanger) who is now the Commissaire.

A perfect weekend watch, Lupin is all style, wit, warmth and solid substance. A story about thrilling heists, fathers and sons, (Assane introducing Raoul to Lupin is touching) class and colonialization, Lupin has left us gasping for more.

Lupin is currently streaming on Netflix

House divided on Sonali Phogat’s ugly war of words with Rubina Dilaik | Bigg Boss 14


New Delhi: As the Bigg Boss 14 season is nearing its grand finale, contestants inside the house are surely finding new means and tricks to make it to the last. In last night’s episode, wild card entry Sonali Phogat, who until now had been peaceful and cordial with everyone showed a different side of hers.

Sonali Phogat had an heated argument with Rubina Dilaik after former is informed by Arshi Khan that someone broke her name tag. Sonali lost her cool and hurled abuses. Interrupting Sonali in between and asking her not to use such foul words, Rubina got into a fight which ended up dividing the housemates as the latter used Sonali’s daughter’s name in one of the conversations.

Hell let loose after this incident and everyone jumped in to pacify the two.

Social media too is abuzz with fans slamming Sonali Phogat for using such unsavoury language on national television.

This week, four contestants namely Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilaik, Sonali Phogat and Nikki Tamboli have been nominated.


Akshay Kumar celebrate Army Day by playing volleyball with jawans


Mumbai: Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar played a game of volleyball with jawans to celebrated Army Day on Friday  . Instagram video that captures him playing a volleyball game on Friday with the jawans was posted by actor .

Akshay wore black athleisure for the match just like the armymen, . The video shows Akshay Kumar leaping to hit the ball while playing in a slow-motion.

“Had the pleasure of meeting some of our bravehearts today to flag off a marathon on the occasion of #ArmyDay and what better way to warm up than a quick game of volleyball,” he wrote with the video.

Actor is shooting for his upcoming film Bachchan Pandey in Jaisalmer along with  actresses Kriti Sanon and Jacqueline Fernandez . The shoot will continue till March. Gadisar Lake and Jaisalkot are the places where the team is expected to shoot.

Akshay plays a gangster who aspires to be an actor, In the Farhad Samji directorial,  while Kriti plays a journalist who wishes to be a director. Arshad Warsi, who plays the role of Akshay’s friend is also part of the movie.


Watch these top 5 films and shows on your mobile phones if you are OTT addict.


New Delhi: These days you do not need a big screen,  when you can watch everything on your smartphone? There are host of shows and movies which you can watch on your cell phone courtesy,   Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.

When you need a break or you want to watch any show or movie all you have to do is tap on you mobile. The OTT addicts can watch it on the Amazon Prime Video app.

Have a look at the best 5 films and shows which are available on Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition:

American Gods

Ricky Whittle and Emily Browning are in the lead roles in this sci-fi series. This Neil Geiman’s adaptation will make you ask yourself everything you thought was real and fantasy.

Sylvie’s Love

Directed by Eugene Ashe, This American drama film will take you back to the 60’s , where TV and gramophones were the ultimate modernized way of entertainment. This flick is all about how a woman has many roles to play and many demands to fulfil, but in all this, she never forgets to lose herself. Tessa Thompson was chosen to play Sylvie’s character and showed all why they must prioritize themselves as well.

The Lie

Psychological thriller film which sends you chills down your spine?  And everyone love to watch them. The Lie will surely keep you in a confounded state and keep the fine line between truth and lie ambiguous right till the very end. Directed by Veena Sud and stars Mireille Enos.

Evil Eye

Directed by Elan and Rajeev Dassani, starring Sarita Choudhury, The Evil eye is an American 2020 horror film. The high and blood adrenaline rush you get when you watch a horror movie all alone is exceptional and unbelievable. This horror  film will take you on a ride with a possessive mother with a strong intuition and a daughter.

Yearly Departed

Starring, Natasha Rothwell, Tiffany Haddish, Patti Harrison and hosted by Phoebe Robinson, Yearly Departed will take you on a hilarious ride in 2020 .  This show is a comic take on the year that 2020 was.

Is Varun Dhawan marrying girlfriend Natasha Dalal this month?


New Delhi: Bollywood is buzzing with the recent rumours about actor Varun Dhawan getting married to longtime girlfriend Natasha Dalal in this monthe. Yup! many reports are claiming that the couple is keeping details confidential and 24  January  has been is the day they are expected to get married.

About the Venue? Well, Alibaug is a celeb-favourite, it has been booked for the gala celebration of wedding, reportedly. However, Anil Dhawan, Vanrun’s uncle and veteran actor, is as astonished by the news as we all are.

Anil Dhawan told media, “Wow, I am surprised. They are marrying this month, and we didn’t know? Are they going to invite us last moment? Itna secret rakh rahe hai kya? These stories have been floating around since a long time. Last year, there was buzz that they would be getting married in May. Whatever it is, as a family, we want him to get married soon. I feel this is one ritual you have got to do in time. There is no point prolonging it.”

Further more more, he added, “We have been telling Varun to skip plans of hosting grand celebrations, and instead, opt for a simple, intimate ceremony aur buss ladki ko jaldi ghar le aao.”

No official announcement regarding the same has come from Varun as yet.

Varun was last seen in Coolie No.1 opposite Sara Ali Khan. The movie was directed by David Dhawan.

Actor Emraan Hashmi returns to the ‘magical dark rooms called theatres’


Mumbai: Actor Emraan Hashmi returns to the theatres in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The actor posted a photograph on social media on Friday. In the picture he was shown watching a movie in a theatre.

Emraan Hashmi also  explaned why he is not wearing a mask inside the theatre.

“Back to those magical dark rooms called theatres (for those of you itching to ask why some of us aren’t wearing masks, it’s called a social bubble, look it up) #backtothetheatres,” the actor informed on Instagram.

Actor recently expressed on social media that he is eager to go back to a “curfew free, mask free world.”

At present, He is shooting in the city for “Ezra”, a supernatural horror film directed by Jay Krishnan.

His up coming movie is going to be  the suspense drama “Chehre”. He will be seen working alongside Amitabh Bachchan. Directed by Rumy Jafry, it will also features Rhea Chakraborty, Siddhanth Kapoor, Krystle Dsouza, Raghubir Yadav and Annu Kapoor.

‘Unfinished’ Priyanka Chopra’s memoir to release on February 9


New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra Jonas talks about her life thus: “I am a product of traditional India and its ancient wisdom, and modern India and its urban bustle. My upbringing was always an amalgamation of the two India’s, and, just as much, of East and West.”

Her dairy ‘Unfinished’ (Penguin), that will be out on  February 9, takes perusers from her childhood in India, where she was raised by her grandparents and her parents — two army medical experts committed not only to their kids but to their professions and to philanthropy – before being sent away to a boarding school at very young age; through her formative teenage years in the US living with her extended family in the Midwest (Cedar Rapids and Indianapolis), Queens, and suburban Boston, where she endured bouts of racism; to her return to India, where she unexpectedly won the national and global beauty pageants (Miss India and Miss World) that launched her acting career.

Readers looking for a glimpse into what it takes to succeed in the massive Indian film industry will find it here, and they’ll also find an honest account of the challenges Priyanka faced navigating her career, both in India and Hollywood. The result is a book that is warm, funny, sassy, inspiring, bold, and rebellious. Just like Priyanka herself.

From her dual-continent 20-year-long career as an actor and producer to her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, from losing her beloved father to cancer to marrying Nick Jonas, Priyanka’s story will inspire a generation around the world to gather their courage, embrace their ambition, and commit to the hard work of following their dreams.

Vivah actress Amrita Rao and hubby RJ Anmol expecting first child

Actress Amrita Rao is going to be mother soon. A beautiful picture of she flaunting her baby bump created excitment on the internet, and since then, she has been trending on different social media sites.

Amrita married RJ Anmol. In 2016 the couple got married after dating for 7 years.

The both live a very private life away from the media flashes. However, we can take a glimpse of their life from the respective Instagram accounts.

They have not yet made any announcement about the baby news with fans on social media and are keeping it low profile but the picture of her baby bump does not need any annoucement.

Check out some photos here:

Amrita Rao’s last movies in 2019 ‘Thackeray’, she did a come back in bollywood with this film. In 2016, ‘Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai’ was her debut TV show.

‘Ishq Vishk’, ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’, ‘Satyagraha’ and ‘Love U…Mr. Kalakaar!’ are some of her best movies.

We wish the all the best for their future.

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